When It Comes To Facebook – Show Your Followers You Like Them Back

You built it; you asked your friends, family, and colleagues to like it, you asked them to tell those near and dear to them. Now what.

Facebook isn’t about the NUMBERS it’s about the conversation. What are you talking about? Why should people keep liking you? Are you giving them anything? Are you providing them with links and information they can’t easily get anywhere else? Or are you one they guiltily followed because your mom is their next door neighbor and they just skip you on their feed?

The key to having a vital Facebook page is the conversation. You know, the kind that could take place between you and your followers. You say something, they respond, back and forth, is how it should go. Hot topics, cool trends, industry specific news – NOT a sales pitch.

More often than not though, Facebook is just an extension of some high dollar ad campaign. For example, there’s a local business that I “followed” recently, and guess what, the ONLY thing that appears on their wall is snippets from their latest, greatest TV and radio spots. You might find out about their next sale – sure – but after weeks of “check us out” are you even listening anymore? I just want to say, “tell me something – give me something – pay attention to me, don’t just jumping up and down asking me to like you.”

When I was in the third grade, a boy named John asked me to “go with him” (do I sound old now or what – geeze). It’s a relationship that started when he asked his friend to ask me if I liked him, when I said yes, he quickly followed up through same friend and asked me to go with him, to which I agreed.

Guess what! Once we were “going together” (there’s that old part again, ugh) we talked LESS than we talked before we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Sure, I got a heart shaped box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, but his friend gave it to me for him. I realized by President’s Day that I “liked” John much better before I was his girlfriend and broke it off.

Numbers are worthless, conversation is king and when it comes to Facebook, it’s all about the conversation. Facebook is where relationships are built, for better or for worse, and relationships as we all know are two-way streets. If you get someone to like you, you had better show them that you like them back, because guess what, if you don’t, your competition will.

Making Time for Social Media

Social media marketing – UGH – another thing on your to-do list, right? You might have gone as far as creating Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, but have you done much with them? Are you struggling to find the time to actually ENGAGE in the process? Well you need to make the time, because that process could very well determine the future viability of your business.


The numbers in the video don’t lie – social media sites are where people are…. like 250 million people. And guess what, a large percentage of those people don’t trust traditional advertising – they trust their friends, their family, and other people they consider to be like them. That’s why it’s important to take off your marketing hat when it comes to social media. Think user first – marketer second.

Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Maybe it’s fitting that the first blog post on the newly redesigned Wordmiller.com site is all about blogging, and why it is so important not only to my business, but to yours.

Now I know what you might be thinking…a blog? Why does my business need a blog? Well, you need fresh content on your site – often. You need to connect your business to your customers. You need a platform to share your expertise and knowledge with a larger audience, AND you need to get started right away.

Why a blog and not a website? Well, a website alone isn’t enough anymore. Shama Hyder Kabini sums it up in The Zen of Social Media Marketing, “the website of today in many ways is a living, breathing thing. In the past, you could create a website and sit back. Today, you can’t. Passively keeping a website is almost akin to opening a store, stocking the shelves, and then doing nothing.”

A blog is the easiest way to keep a website fresh and ever-changing, an informal and informative “journal” that you update regularly, and something that can also be used as an active marketing tool.  A business blog is a major component of social media and can help you build relationships with your potential customers.

And guess what, as you build these relationships, you make your business real to your customers.  You share what’s new and changing in your company, and have a platform form everything from staffing changes to research, news, and special events.  You show your expertise by providing useful information.  You become a point person and a resource by solving problems for your readers.

When you show you have the expertise, ability, and credibility to meet the needs of your reader, you are better able to persuade them to make the purchase or contract a service. The blogging movement is picking up speed as more and more business are realizing the benefits of blogging. Don’t get left behind, this is one trend you can’t afford to miss.