Through, I can help you take a close look at the state of your business, and work with you to brainstorm immediate solutions to address specific problems. I can also help determine your goals and objectives in marketing and beyond.

I invite you to bring me your toughest marketing or communications issues, and together we can work to find the right solutions to move your business from where it is, to where you want it to be. In addition, I can help you take the steps to market your business in a way that allows you to do the majority of it yourself, and work with you to determine how and where to spend your money, your energy, and your time on this crucial part of your business.

Whether you are in the thinking stages, or are already operating a businesses, working as an entrepreneur, or solo practitioner, I can help you put sound practices in place, build your customer or client base, and help you market your business. Through professional writing services, social media integration or expansion, and marketing consultation, is helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and solo practitioners build a business that works.