In an increasingly connected world, content is king, and the days of simply building a website and leaving it to serve as your online presence are long gone. Your online presence needs as much, if not more attention, than you offline efforts. Your website needs to stay fresh, and serve as a destination for your clients and customers, and you need to actively participate in the relationship building and brand-boosting opportunities available through the various social media channels.

Whether you are an established business owner in need of a professional writer to provide high-quality content on a regular basis, or an entrepreneur operating on a shoestring that simply needs guidance, I can can help you build relationships, and reach your market.. I know that  not every company can afford to have a full time writer on hand, however, they can hire me to step in and provide content on an as needed basis, oversee or guide their in-house efforts, and assist with a content marketing plan. Quality content is critical and as a writer and social media strategist with almost two decades of experience, I can help you effectively communicate your story.