Social media is a living, breathing, and ever evolving way of doing business. It is the single most effective way to become familiar to your target market, to become someone that they know, love, trust, and most importantly, as someone that they want to do business with.

While you more than likely know social media is important, do you know how to make it work for you and your business? Do you wonder how your competition has 10,000 Facebook and Twitter Followers and you are trailing with only a few hundred? Do you wonder how they manage to promote services and events through these mediums AND get results?

If you are approaching social media it from a traditional marketing standpoint, it will never work for you. Social media is not a marketer’s platform and traditional rules do not apply. Social media belongs to the consumers.

That’s where comes in.

I understand the flow of social media and can help you not only position your business, but implement a strategy to help you learn and use social media marketing concepts in a way that works for you.

Hours available in 2-hour blocks, minimum 2 hours per month. Requires Minimum 3-Month Commitment.