Maybe it’s fitting that the first blog post on the newly redesigned site is all about blogging, and why it is so important not only to my business, but to yours.

Now I know what you might be thinking…a blog? Why does my business need a blog? Well, you need fresh content on your site – often. You need to connect your business to your customers. You need a platform to share your expertise and knowledge with a larger audience, AND you need to get started right away.

Why a blog and not a website? Well, a website alone isn’t enough anymore. Shama Hyder Kabini sums it up in The Zen of Social Media Marketing, “the website of today in many ways is a living, breathing thing. In the past, you could create a website and sit back. Today, you can’t. Passively keeping a website is almost akin to opening a store, stocking the shelves, and then doing nothing.”

A blog is the easiest way to keep a website fresh and ever-changing, an informal and informative “journal” that you update regularly, and something that can also be used as an active marketing tool.  A business blog is a major component of social media and can help you build relationships with your potential customers.

And guess what, as you build these relationships, you make your business real to your customers.  You share what’s new and changing in your company, and have a platform form everything from staffing changes to research, news, and special events.  You show your expertise by providing useful information.  You become a point person and a resource by solving problems for your readers.

When you show you have the expertise, ability, and credibility to meet the needs of your reader, you are better able to persuade them to make the purchase or contract a service. The blogging movement is picking up speed as more and more business are realizing the benefits of blogging. Don’t get left behind, this is one trend you can’t afford to miss.





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